Snow Removal

Keep your home driveway, parking area and sidewalks accessible and working even in the worst weather with our snow removal and salting services.

Yard Clean Up

Whether it be a full over-hall of rubbish removal or simple on-going yard clean up, Lawn Queenz know this is an important aspect of landscape maintenance.

Fertilizing and Moss Control

Moss control is yet another essential part of a healthy lawn. Living in the wet climate of British Columbia, moss is a common problem for our clients. Ask about moss control packages to keep your lawn beautiful and health year round.

Power Raking

We recommend Power Raking in early Spring, before new growth has begun. The service is especially effective combined with Overseeding, as it opens the lawn surface so that new seed can get better established.

Weed Removal

Wild plants that pop up where you don’t want them and can be tough to control. Fortunately, there are plenty of help from us at the Lawn Queenz.

Mowing And Trimming

Regular lawn maintenance includes through mowing and trimming, to ensure that your lawn looks crisp and clean from week to week .